beard transplant before and after

Beard Transplant Before and After

Let’s give information about what to do before and after beard transplantation. The society asks questions about before and after beard transplantation. He rightfully wants to know about this subject. In this context, in our article, you can find information about beard transplantation, before and after, as well as information that answers frequently asked questions such as “how to plant a beard, how to grow beards, what is a beard transplant procedure, what are the methods used in beard transplantation”.

What Should Be Done Before and After Beard Transplantation?

After beard transplantation, beard growth takes place in a period of approximately 3 months, but this is a process that continues until the eight and ninth months. Because when all the hairs are removed, they go into the listening phase. In other words, the hair must be active before the transplant. Or, the hair transitions to a passive period with the transplant process and there are different time intervals for all of these hairs to go back to the active phase.

The hairs transplanted to the problem area preserve all their properties, that is, whatever the quality and quality of the transplanted hair is, it preserves these features after the transplant. In this period of time, those who pay attention to what to do before and after beard transplantation are more successful.

How to Transplant a Beard?

beard transplant before and after
beard transplant before and after

Beard transplantation in Antalya is performed with local anesthesia. The area to be transplanted is anesthetized with a needle. After determining the area where the beard does not grow, how many hair follicles are needed is calculated. At this stage, the number of roots should be determined correctly. The number of roots causes beard gaps to appear irregular or undesirable. The level of beard frequency should be well adjusted. We can say that beard and mustache transplantation is similar to hair transplantation in this respect. The hairs used in the mustache and beard are also taken from the back of the ear and from the nape roots. The reason why the hairs here do not fall out is that they are less sensitive to hormones. You should definitely follow the treatment methods and doctor’s recommendations before and after beard transplantation.

What Are The Methods Used in Beard Transplantation?

It is said that the methods used since the beginning of the 2000s are quite painful. The results obtained are also not satisfactory. It has caused many people to approach this problem with uneasy steps in beard and mustache transplantation. However, since 2004, a method based on removing the hairs one by one with the FUE technique has been developed. In this method, there is no cutting and sewing process like other methods. In the beard and mustache transplantation process performed with the FUE method, individual hairs are removed. It is transported to problem areas with opened channels. Since the opened channels are very small in size, there is no problem such as leaving a trace. It is the patient’s responsibility to be careful about the doctor’s recommendations before and after beard transplantation.

We gave information about before and after beard transplantation. We hope it was helpful!