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Hair Transplant Process

Let’s talk about the process after hair transplantation. Today, hair transplantation is known as a simple surgical method that is widely used. Hair transplantation, which is generally preferred by men, gives better results if it is done by experts. We perform this type of operation using the FUE technique.

Hair Transplant Process
Hair Transplant Process

Various information should be given to the person undergoing hair transplantation by the experts of the business. It is recommended to use various drugs to accelerate the recovery process for the individual who is discharged on the same day. Hair transplantation is a short time such as one day and it takes a lot of time to heal. After hair transplantation, the process continues as follows. The person who has transplanted should be very careful after the operation. This person should definitely leave the transplanted area open. Not only that, he should be careful when going out, in crowded environments and on public transport. It is necessary to wear accessories such as a hat or bonnet in order not to be exposed to any impact. It is a rule that must be followed absolutely not to drink alcohol in any way during hair transplantation.

How Does The Process Progress After Hair Transplantation?

After sowing, it is very important to dress the area. The person should wash their hair with warm water three days after the hair transplant. The crusts formed in the transplanted area during hair washing begin to shed over time. If the person is going to have a cut after the hair transplant operation, if possible, the first three months are cut with the scissors method only. If he wants more shortening, he has to wait six months to hit the razor.

The individual who wants to have a dyeing process has to spend the sixth month. For the first week after hair transplantation, it is absolutely necessary to lie on your back. It is necessary to avoid lying on the prone or side positions and the pillow should not touch the planted area. These are the basic rules to be considered about the process after hair transplantation.

Hair loss may occur in the first month after the hair transplant operation. This shedding hair scares individuals. In such a situation, individuals are informed by experts. New hair grows in place of the lost hair. Within three months, the hair grows.

We tried to give information about the process after hair transplantation. We hope it was useful.

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