is Hair Loss Genetic

Is Hair Loss Genetic?

Is hair loss genetic? The answer to the question is sometimes yes and sometimes no. People with genetic hair problems generally experience hair loss in their families. Hair loss, which is not only due to hereditary factors, also occurs due to stress, various diseases, hormonal disorders, pregnancy and menopause.

The genetic hair loss problem can be passed on to you by both your mother and your father.

If there are no people in your family who have hair loss problems, this does not mean that your hair loss will not be hereditary. Some genes can also be passed on from grandparents.

Is Hair Loss Genetic – How to Know?

is Hair Loss Genetic
is Hair Loss Genetic

Genetic hair loss occurs due to a hormone in our body called DHT. DHT hormone causes hair loss by destroying hair follicles. Genetic hair loss is more common in people who are intolerant to DHT hormone.

Factors Triggering Genetic Hair Loss

Although hereditary hair loss is mainly caused by the hormone DHT, it can also be caused by reasons such as smoking, unhealthy diet, vitamin and mineral deficiency. In addition, seasonal hair loss, loss due to diseases and use of wrong shampoo are among the factors that trigger genetic hair loss. Genetic hair loss is a serious condition that needs to be treated or controlled.

About Treatment

Although DHT hormone causes hair loss when it is excessive, it must be present in the body at a normal level. Because, thanks to the DHT hormone, men’s voice thickening, beard growth, sperm production and muscle development are provided. For this reason, in order to treat genetic hair loss, DHT hormone should be taken to a certain level. Since the complete elimination of DHT hormone poses a risk to human health, only partial reduction can be achieved. In addition, various drugs such as minoxidil, which are sold in the market, are used to prevent hair loss. If the genetic problems of hair loss are taken into consideration, a very important step will be taken for treatment. Getting a healthy and beautiful result after the operation depends on this.

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